Throughout our 75-plus year history, Custom Culinary® has never wavered from the commitment to providing
foodservice professionals with true, real and authentic flavor solutions. 

We celebrate and cultivate our passion for food on a daily basis, as the culinary landscape evolves at an unprecedented pace. How food is experienced, enjoyed and created has fundamentally changed forever. Consumers are more educated and open-minded about what they eat — and more demanding.

At Custom Culinary®, we understand this new reality while recognizing that staying true to the authenticity of flavor and the integrity of ingredients is in our DNA. We are a culinary-centric organization with a mission to help you create offerings that stand out and stand up to the exacting standards of today’s guests. And we enthusiastically embrace the importance of global and regional influences, local sourcing, and cleaner ingredient statements.

We believe that true, real and authentic is the only option for delivering unsurpassed flavor. And we are unwavering in our commitment to deliver incredible taste, texture and other sensory qualities in our bases, sauces, gravies, soups and flavoring systems. While our roots remain true to the culinary ideals and expectations of our founders, we aspire to helping you take your offerings to remarkable new heights.

And, above all, we believe in being true to the food.